Philosophy Fragrance Favourites

Philosophy is one of my favourite brands for skincare and fragrance.  I love wearing fragrance but for day time I need a light touch and Philosophy fills the brief perfectly for me every time.   Philosophy do some great kits too, check out the Philosophy website for a plethora of very gorgeous products.

The first one I ever tried was Pure Grace, a lovely soap and water clean fragrance.  It is so fresh and light for days when you want a fragrant hint of freshness. I like the foaming bath & shower cream in the shower for that all-over freshness that lasts all day especially with a light spritz of the eau de toilette after.  The shower cream leaves my skin silky soft so moisturiser is optional, great for when time is of the essence! 

part of my Pure Grace stash!
Amazing Grace was my next purchase, it is a feminine, fresh floral fragrance, again lovely and light but has more depth but really reminds me of summer days when all the flowers are blooming.  Both Amazing Grace and Pure Grace have wonderfully effective perfumed buffing washes, absolutely fabulous, they really do buff the skin up perfectly but gently, ready for moisturising.  Amazing Grace also has a great Firming Body Emulsion which I also use (a lot!), rich in antioxidants, vitamins C and E.

Amazing Grace
In my Philosophy wardrobe I also have Eternal Grace, which is another favourite with its crisp, citrusy delicate floral fragrance, I use the perfumed shampoo, bath & shower body gel in the bath which leaves me with a gorgeous all over aroma.  Its more of a cream than a gel, but all the Philosophy perfumed "body washes" are so velvety smooth & luxuriant in texture a little goes a very long way.

I have tried Inner Grace, which I got as a sample with one of my orders, but I have to say its not for me, but we can't all love everything.

There is also Falling in love, Summer Grace & Baby Grace all which I have yet to sample.  Summer Grace is next on my list for a sniff at Boots.

All the Philosophy fragrances I have come in spray fragrances, hand washes, roll on perfume oil (great for popping in my handbag), body lotions, buffing washes, bath & shower creams, shampoo, bath & shower gels, perfumed body creams & ultra-rich hair conditioners (for very fabulous silky hair).  I do mix and match the fragrance sometimes too, Pure and Amazing work well on my skin.

Philosophy have such great text on all of their bottles, everything is centered around grace and gratitude, life, love, beauty to name but a few, very inspirational all of them.

Whilst writing this post I have been speedily painting my toenails pink (you won't want a pic of this believe me) as I'm off for a day at the Spa tomorrow with the girls, I will come out with more wrinkles than I went in with as I know there will be lots of laughter and fun.  Looking forward to having the beauty treatments.  First time I'm leaving TC for a whole day, its Daddy Daycare time!

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