Miss Copy Cat

Miss TC has been in serious copying mode lately, every day she amuses me no end with her cute little ways and antics. 

A couple of weeks ago she leant again the wall with both hands & tried to flip the plug switch with her foot, something I do when I have her in my arms to save bending - I know, a bad habit, blame my bad back! 

She's also taken to hiding things behind her back, which I do as fast as I can so she won't see something she shouldn't have, that obviously works - not!

One of the cutest ones lately was her trying to unlock the front door lower lock with the car keys, which she insists on being the official keyholder of as soon as we're out of the car.  She toodles up the drive so she can be the first to the door.  So sweet watching her very carefully poking the key into the lock and probably wondering why it isn't opening. 

I seem to be wiping down surfaces a lot here & the other day I saw her cleaning her highchair tray.... with her sandwich :))

And this morning she thought she should copy mummy and brush the dog's coat.... with her toothbrush!  I'll be breaking out a new toothbrush tonight I think!  She saw me brush him a few days ago and has obviously been storing up the data and I am wondering what she will copy next. 

There are a lot of positives too, like she can now brush her teeth like a big girl and she also helps mummy on with her shoes, whether I need them on or not :)

I'll have to think of some constructive copying like tidying up and time to hide my make-up bag I think!

Have you any copy cat tales, would love to hear them.


  1. Ahhhh ... how lovely. Loved the way she cleaned the high chair with her sandwich. Little A copies me when I swear ... naughty mummy ... she can articulate B*gg*r beautifully!

    1. haha OM, maybe we should reinstate the do as I do not as I say! I'm sure we're all a little naughty sometimes ;^)