Franglais Afternoon Tea

The sun came out finally today after a few days of rain so we decided to take a walk in the fresh air and sunshine.  I find it very hard to walk past a patisserie, the contents are all so inviting, so today I succumbed to the gorgeousness of french pastries from a local patisserie ......

A bag full of yummies

mini tarte aux pommes et tarte aux abricots

Tarte aux abricots avec une grande tasse de thé
munch munch, who needs a fork!

delicious, although I had a little help from Miss TC


  1. Yum yum yummy! I LOVE PASTRIES! I love creme patisserie - you know the custard stuff!

    1. You are a woman after my own heart :) I do know the custard stuff, we are good friends ;)

  2. The caption 'who needs a fork?' did make me chuckle. Yum, I could quite happily scoff one of those right now!