Firsts Meme

Older Mum tagged me a while ago in a meme about firsts.  I remember everything, probably in rosier hues but these days I'm trying to remember all the good bits and less of the other bits.

First:  here be the rules:
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  2. Answer the questions in as much or as little detail as suits you
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My first boyfriend

Well, my first boy that was a friend was Ben, lovely,sweet boy who is nowsomething big in something big.  We got back in touch a few years ago via Friends Reunited and it was lovely to catch up.   I still remember going to his 5th birthday party, his mum wouldn't let me sit next to him, she didn't like that we were close friends.  He told me that she acted that way with all his girlfriends from thereonin including his wife haha!!

I had a few dates with boys, but none were serious until P who I met when I was 15 and who has the title of "my first love".  We were together for over 5 years, I loved his family nearly as much as him and it was incredibly heartbreaking when we split.  Again thru Friends Reunited we got back in touch, it was so good to catch up and find out how life had treated him and his family.

The first person I kissed ...

It was on a school ski-ing trip to Austria, we met a bunch of lovely Austrian boys and we all got talking.  The kiss came on the last day of our holiday.  I remember discussing the impending kiss when my girlfriends, which way to turn our heads to avoid the awkward nose boing and such like.  It was a lovely first snog. 

My first job

Saturday job in Ravel's in the Kings Road, Chelsea - fab job, fab place, fab shoes, need I say more! 

My first pay packet

My first proper job first pay packet was with a very large company that I stayed with for 4 years, sorry thats about as exciting as that gets!  I think its always a thrill to get your first pay packet, one of those

My first record (or whatever was around in your era)

Mine was by The Jackson 5, it was to be the start of a love affair with Motown, these days my tastes are varied except opera, never could get into opera.

My first holiday abroad

Mine was age 4 to Spain which I remember as being lots of sun, sand & sea, it was a lovely holiday with my parents.  I was a bridesmaid age 6 to family friends in Holland, flew on my own, I can still recall the beautiful, glamorous air hostesses who looked after me on the flight, reminiscent of the ladies in the great series Pan Am when glamour was still in abundance.

What age were you when you moved out of your parents home?

I was 20, I lived in central London with my parents and bought my own maisonette in another part of London.  I had a good job in the City but still with mortgage payments, utility bills, loan for the central heating installation, etc (many etc's), I could only afford to eat for 3-4 days a week and sparrow portions at that.  I used to go to mum's for a feed every Friday and she would send me back with a bag full of food.  I was very thin in those days!

Now I'm tagging the ladies below, enjoy!

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  1. Ooh I remember Ravel. I used to love their shoes in my younger days. Great Saturday job!

    1. I had the best shoes in those days! I still have shoes from then in my loft, I must take a look!!

  2. Now that was very interesting! Loved the fact you annoyed Bens mothers, who sounds rather possessive of her son, that you worked in Ravels and that you flew on your own to a Wedding aged 6 !!!

    1. I know it sounds very bizarre but I was well looked after and met at the other end. Its such a short flight, I did have a wobble of the old bottom lip on take off. I know I won't be sending my daughter anywhere without me till she's 35 :))