Miss Copy Cat

Miss TC has been in serious copying mode lately, every day she amuses me no end with her cute little ways and antics. 

A couple of weeks ago she leant again the wall with both hands & tried to flip the plug switch with her foot, something I do when I have her in my arms to save bending - I know, a bad habit, blame my bad back! 

She's also taken to hiding things behind her back, which I do as fast as I can so she won't see something she shouldn't have, that obviously works - not!

One of the cutest ones lately was her trying to unlock the front door lower lock with the car keys, which she insists on being the official keyholder of as soon as we're out of the car.  She toodles up the drive so she can be the first to the door.  So sweet watching her very carefully poking the key into the lock and probably wondering why it isn't opening. 

I seem to be wiping down surfaces a lot here & the other day I saw her cleaning her highchair tray.... with her sandwich :))

And this morning she thought she should copy mummy and brush the dog's coat.... with her toothbrush!  I'll be breaking out a new toothbrush tonight I think!  She saw me brush him a few days ago and has obviously been storing up the data and I am wondering what she will copy next. 

There are a lot of positives too, like she can now brush her teeth like a big girl and she also helps mummy on with her shoes, whether I need them on or not :)

I'll have to think of some constructive copying like tidying up and time to hide my make-up bag I think!

Have you any copy cat tales, would love to hear them.

Flowers on Saturday Week 72

 blueberry craft and hobby time

For many more beautiful flowers

 or to join this photo challenge visit:

Glorious Goodwood

Had a fabulous day at the Waterbeach Spa at Goodwood in Chichester yesterday with 5 lovely friends.  The grounds are really beautiful and the weather held up too, lovely and warm and sunny.

We were booked in for the Perfect Prep Day which included a fabulous Decleor facial, Decleor is one of my favourite brands of skincare, I've been using it for years, love, love, love it! 

We also had a back, neck and shoulder massage, which was exactly what I needed to work out all of the kinks and tension, 20 minutes of pure bliss from Catherine who clearly loves her job as her massage skills are superb.  Then when I managed to peel myself off the therapist's couch we finished off with a mini manicure with Jessica products, another fav of mine.  So I am now sporting rather fetching Raspberry nails, which TC found fascinating when I got back, a girl after my own heart!

We had full use of the Health Club facilities so we all had a lovely swim & a long natter in the jacuzzi!   There was a well equipped fitness suite there too but I was there to relax, unwind and be pampered and I think mission accomplished!

Lunch was thrown into the day package, marinated salmon and salad for me,

(yes that is a glass of vino you see before you!), the food in the Bar & Grill was excellent, the Maitre D explained how they used organic produce.  All the waiting staff were very attentive but wished they wouldn't have kept calling us Madam, made me feel older than I should!

We couldn't have picked a busier day though, there was a celebrity golf day  going on in aid of the Chesnut Tree House childrens Hospice, so lovely to see so many there in aid of a very worthy cause.  Spotted a few famous sporting faces too.

All in all a really good day, missed TC, only phoned home 3 times!
TC and Daddy had a great day too and the squeal of surprise I got from her when I walked through the door was priceless, I'd really like to bottle some of those moments.


Philosophy Fragrance Favourites

Philosophy is one of my favourite brands for skincare and fragrance.  I love wearing fragrance but for day time I need a light touch and Philosophy fills the brief perfectly for me every time.   Philosophy do some great kits too, check out the Philosophy website for a plethora of very gorgeous products.

The first one I ever tried was Pure Grace, a lovely soap and water clean fragrance.  It is so fresh and light for days when you want a fragrant hint of freshness. I like the foaming bath & shower cream in the shower for that all-over freshness that lasts all day especially with a light spritz of the eau de toilette after.  The shower cream leaves my skin silky soft so moisturiser is optional, great for when time is of the essence! 

part of my Pure Grace stash!
Amazing Grace was my next purchase, it is a feminine, fresh floral fragrance, again lovely and light but has more depth but really reminds me of summer days when all the flowers are blooming.  Both Amazing Grace and Pure Grace have wonderfully effective perfumed buffing washes, absolutely fabulous, they really do buff the skin up perfectly but gently, ready for moisturising.  Amazing Grace also has a great Firming Body Emulsion which I also use (a lot!), rich in antioxidants, vitamins C and E.

Amazing Grace
In my Philosophy wardrobe I also have Eternal Grace, which is another favourite with its crisp, citrusy delicate floral fragrance, I use the perfumed shampoo, bath & shower body gel in the bath which leaves me with a gorgeous all over aroma.  Its more of a cream than a gel, but all the Philosophy perfumed "body washes" are so velvety smooth & luxuriant in texture a little goes a very long way.

I have tried Inner Grace, which I got as a sample with one of my orders, but I have to say its not for me, but we can't all love everything.

There is also Falling in love, Summer Grace & Baby Grace all which I have yet to sample.  Summer Grace is next on my list for a sniff at Boots.

All the Philosophy fragrances I have come in spray fragrances, hand washes, roll on perfume oil (great for popping in my handbag), body lotions, buffing washes, bath & shower creams, shampoo, bath & shower gels, perfumed body creams & ultra-rich hair conditioners (for very fabulous silky hair).  I do mix and match the fragrance sometimes too, Pure and Amazing work well on my skin.

Philosophy have such great text on all of their bottles, everything is centered around grace and gratitude, life, love, beauty to name but a few, very inspirational all of them.

Whilst writing this post I have been speedily painting my toenails pink (you won't want a pic of this believe me) as I'm off for a day at the Spa tomorrow with the girls, I will come out with more wrinkles than I went in with as I know there will be lots of laughter and fun.  Looking forward to having the beauty treatments.  First time I'm leaving TC for a whole day, its Daddy Daycare time!

100 Days to go!

Today giant Olympic rings made up of 20,000 flowers have been unveiled at Kew Gardens, a place of childhood memories for me, to mark exactly 100 days to the opening ceremony of London 2012.

Mother Wife Me wrote a blog post recently about the London 2012 Olympic Games, she is lives very close to the Games venue & her husband has tickets!!  I have been trying to keep my excitement in check about the Olympic Games but now I am all over-excited again just reading her blog post, I just can't wait for them to start! 

I have forewarned the family that I will be watching all the athletics, as I was very unlucky not to get tickets, apply & apply as I may, the ticket fairies did not grant my wishes.   I used to train with my athletics club at Crystal Palace in the presence of many of the greats of the day, Daley Thompson & Steve Ovett to name but two.  I remember being in such awe as I grabbed a drink in the cafe after training to see Steve Ovett sitting there so close to me like being close to your favourite rock star!   I was so very young so you have to excuse the hero worship *blush*.

When I became interested in running as a young girl I couldn't read enough about the Olympics & the stars of the track, past & present.  Lillian Board, Mary Peters, Alberto Juantoreno, David Hemery, Lasse Viren, Greta Weiss to name but a few.  I was lucky enough to be in the Crystal Palace Press box many, many times helping out so I got to meet so many of the greats at the major meetings.  It was a magical time for me, I still have my spikes stashed in the loft with my training kit, just couldn't part with them.  

I've also kept a souvenir silk handkerchief that my dad gave me years ago from the 1956 Olympics which he was lucky enough to be at, its still in perfect condition.

I am really looking forward to the Olympic Torch passing through my town, it would be one of my greatest honours to run a part of it.  I hope my little daughter enjoys sport as she grows up, she loves running & has enough energy to light up the Olympic Stadium, so we'll have to see.

I know its not everyone's cup of tea from some of friend's reactions to it but in the spirit of the Games ......    Are we there yet???  Only 99 sleeps to the starting line!

Super Fast Lunch!

These are the greatest crackers I have ever tasted, I found them recently and now cannot put them down.  Wholegrain flatbread filled with linseeds & crammed on top with linseeds and sesame seeds.  High in fibre and packed with omega-3's!  If you want to cut down on your bread intake these Krackers are ideal.

Today's lunch is a Kracker topped with a good dollop of a popular brand of cream cheese, avocado and tomato slices served with a handful of lettuce and watercress, nice and filling but not heavy on the tum.   A little drizzle of olive oil on the tomatoes and cress and you're done!

Avocado's are one of my favourite foods, nutrient dense, they contain essential vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients and are full of monounsaturated fats, the good ones!

No time to make lunch?? This was flung together in 5 minutes flat!  Nutritious and delicious!


Sleep is for Wimps!

I know it's very important for a baby's development (and most Mothers' sanity) that they get enough naps in the day.   I do believe that sleep begets sleep, the better they sleep in their daytime naps the better they will sleep at night.  It's also thought that sleep is crucial to your child’s brain development and helps process and consolidate all the different things they have learnt each day and to help fuel their physical growth too.   I also believe in routines for babies and toddlers, works well for us.... usually.

Why is it though that when the baby or toddler is napping we feel the need to get the house straight, to fill/unpack the dishwasher - anything but make a well deserved cuppa and flake out on the couch for an hour (or two if you are lucky) with those Loose Women.

In the early days I would snatch a few zzz's, or should I say passed out, whilst TC was napping but mostly I would get on with things and usually regret it once she was up and I was by then needing a nap myself!   By the time she was 11 months old she had dropped the two naps a day down to one.  At first it was an adjustment but really it was much better as we could go out much more, although I did miss her falling asleep as soon as the car started moving once her seat was in the back.  I've always loved that about both my babies, there's something so peaceful and calming about driving along with a sleeping infant, the rest of world out there and me cocooned in a warm car, so relaxing...  I've also spent many a time parked up my drive with either baby (many years apart remember) back from a shopping trip, not wanting to move the baby in case he/she woke, so phoned Mr J in the house to bring me out a cuppa, mad!
So for 2 days last week TC decided that sleep is for wimps and did not have her late morning sleep.  Strangely though, I thought she might be over tired by her bath time at 6.30pm but no, she was like the energiser bunny, still going.  But then once she hit the hay, off she went and didn't stir till 8.30am!

Yesterday, however, she succumbed, maybe because we spent an hour down at the beach in the morning and the sea air must have had some effect.  I was very pleased to have the nap reinstated.  She usually sleeps for up to 2 hours a day and as soon as her eyes pop open she is up and atom and raring to go so I have to be too!   I have no idea what set off this nap hiatus, growth spurt??

But now the question remains, when will TC drop her one daytime nap, someone mentioned to me that this would probably happen between the ages of 2 and 3 (my memories of this first time round are a bit fuzzy round the edges, like me I think!) but each toddler has their own way and TC seems to adore her night time sleeps so I'm hoping for the upper end of the napping scale.

If not, 1 of 3 things may happen : 

a)  nothing will get done until she is down for the night and there goes my evening as I usually work when she's napping.

b) I will need a double shot latte (Costa's are already a double shot so make mine another double just in case) during the transition period.
c) I will be crawling into bed by 9pm!

Or maybe its time to move her morning nap to after lunch, I like change when its for the better but whatever is better for her is what matters.

When did your toddler drop their naps for good??  I believe in fresh air, sunshine & sleep!


Franglais Afternoon Tea

The sun came out finally today after a few days of rain so we decided to take a walk in the fresh air and sunshine.  I find it very hard to walk past a patisserie, the contents are all so inviting, so today I succumbed to the gorgeousness of french pastries from a local patisserie ......

A bag full of yummies

mini tarte aux pommes et tarte aux abricots

Tarte aux abricots avec une grande tasse de thé
munch munch, who needs a fork!

delicious, although I had a little help from Miss TC

Firsts Meme

Older Mum tagged me a while ago in a meme about firsts.  I remember everything, probably in rosier hues but these days I'm trying to remember all the good bits and less of the other bits.

First:  here be the rules:
  1. Post the rules
  2. Answer the questions in as much or as little detail as suits you
  3. Leave a comment on Older Mum so she can keep track of the meme
  4. Tag three people and link them on your blog
  5. Let them know you tagged them

My first boyfriend

Well, my first boy that was a friend was Ben, lovely,sweet boy who is nowsomething big in something big.  We got back in touch a few years ago via Friends Reunited and it was lovely to catch up.   I still remember going to his 5th birthday party, his mum wouldn't let me sit next to him, she didn't like that we were close friends.  He told me that she acted that way with all his girlfriends from thereonin including his wife haha!!

I had a few dates with boys, but none were serious until P who I met when I was 15 and who has the title of "my first love".  We were together for over 5 years, I loved his family nearly as much as him and it was incredibly heartbreaking when we split.  Again thru Friends Reunited we got back in touch, it was so good to catch up and find out how life had treated him and his family.

The first person I kissed ...

It was on a school ski-ing trip to Austria, we met a bunch of lovely Austrian boys and we all got talking.  The kiss came on the last day of our holiday.  I remember discussing the impending kiss when my girlfriends, which way to turn our heads to avoid the awkward nose boing and such like.  It was a lovely first snog. 

My first job

Saturday job in Ravel's in the Kings Road, Chelsea - fab job, fab place, fab shoes, need I say more! 

My first pay packet

My first proper job first pay packet was with a very large company that I stayed with for 4 years, sorry thats about as exciting as that gets!  I think its always a thrill to get your first pay packet, one of those

My first record (or whatever was around in your era)

Mine was by The Jackson 5, it was to be the start of a love affair with Motown, these days my tastes are varied except opera, never could get into opera.

My first holiday abroad

Mine was age 4 to Spain which I remember as being lots of sun, sand & sea, it was a lovely holiday with my parents.  I was a bridesmaid age 6 to family friends in Holland, flew on my own, I can still recall the beautiful, glamorous air hostesses who looked after me on the flight, reminiscent of the ladies in the great series Pan Am when glamour was still in abundance.

What age were you when you moved out of your parents home?

I was 20, I lived in central London with my parents and bought my own maisonette in another part of London.  I had a good job in the City but still with mortgage payments, utility bills, loan for the central heating installation, etc (many etc's), I could only afford to eat for 3-4 days a week and sparrow portions at that.  I used to go to mum's for a feed every Friday and she would send me back with a bag full of food.  I was very thin in those days!

Now I'm tagging the ladies below, enjoy!

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