Thank Heavens

for the Doppler...  yes I know, strange writing this 20 months after my baby's birth but I found said Doppler in the drawer under my bed today, I'd put it there when I no longer needed it, once I could feel the baby kicking and moving every day.  I felt very sad when I found it, poor Doppler, of no use now a healthy, bouncing baby has found her way into the world. 

I bought the Doppler with trepidation, I wanted to hear my baby's heartbeat but what if I couldn't find it!  It's pure joy when you do and a horrible feeling when you can only locate your own heartbeat.  Thankfully, the handful of times I did use it, I found her heartbeat quite quickly and all was well.  Being a later second time mummy I was convinced that this baby wasn't going to make it but as the weeks stretched out and I got to 20 weeks and found that I had a pink flavour on board,

I was then determined she would and 19 (long) weeks later there she was.....

So thank you doppler for being there deep in the night when I had doubts and to the great team that delivered her safely into my arms, my eternal, heartfelt thanks....


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