A Tale of two Mothers Day mugs

Many, many, many years ago, in a not so far off land, a small boy bought his Mother a beautiful mug for Mothers Day.  His Mother cherished that mug long after the boy grew up & still uses it to this day.  The picture on the mug has faded, although still beautiful and has a chip in it but the memories of her beautiful boy will never fade and remain deep in her heart.

Fast forward to the present day & a very small girl has also bought the same Mother an equally beautiful mug for Mothers Day, her Mother cherishes each day with her as she knows all too well that babies grow very quickly into small children, then into young people who then leave the nest, spreading their wings and flying out into the world.....  

I love you both with all my heart xox

A very Happy Mothers Day to you all.



  1. That melted my heart! How lovely - love the mugs!

  2. Oh dear. I'm actually sitting her with tears in my eyes a beautiful post . Happy mothers day

  3. Thank you ladies, hope you both had a lovely Mothers Day xx