The Sound of the Sea....

Another super beautiful Spring day yesterday, we spent the afternoon doing a quick spot of window shopping then walked to the beach for an exploratory toodle and an icecream.  There are so many other things I should have been doing yesterday afternoon but time like this is precious and I made a promise to myself that I would take the time to "smell the roses" more especially when the sun was out!  I can work when she's asleep and the housework can wait, its not going anywhere!!

Toddler Chick, as she is now affectionately known, is growing up so fast and learning even faster that I want to capture as much of it as I can and store in my memory banks for when I'm sitting in my rocking chair like my lovely grandmother did, dreaming into the distance.

Listening to the seagulls and the sounds of the sea reminds me of when we lived right on the seafront and were lulled into slumber every night by the soothing sounds and also of something I read many years ago.   "The sound of the sea lapping against the shore alters wave patterns in the brain which acts in the same way as meditation to rejuvenate and envigorate the body".   I know I feel better after a walk along the seashore and if there's the chance of a beautiful sunset, there's nothing better.



  1. That was a soothing read. I love the sound of the sea. How lucky you got to live by the sea. I can well believe the effect of the sound of waves on the mind. I have a cd of wave music - its lovely. Have also tagged you in my latest post - a first for everthing.

    1. Thanks, I'll take a look at the firsts tag :)

  2. So important to take time to just enjoy things and such a beautiful sunset too .

  3. Oh I am always wishing I lived by the sea, something so calming about it!! x

  4. come and have tea by the sea, you are always welcome x