Review - Vital Baby Unbelievabowl

I thought the Munchkin Bowls we bought were pretty good but being 19 months the uber strong & determined Baby Chick has found a way to get them off, she likes to hold the bowl, although lately she thinks she can drink the contents of the bowl! 

I'm a fan of the Vital Baby Range & a friend recommended the Vital Baby Unbelievabowl, she has twins so the bowl flinging in different directions was getting a bit wearing & these babies (the bowls) are unbelieveably (hence the name!) unremovable!   It has caused a little frustration on Baby Chick's part trying to pull it off but I think she may learn its there to stay - still doesn't stop the food flinging, just the bowl ;)

The bowl comes with a base that has a childproof locking mechanism, it really is very strong, which you attach to the table or highchair tray which should be cleaned well beforehand,

then place the bowl onto the base, turn & you're ready to go.  The manufacturers do say that the bowl may not work on grained wood surfaces.

I've bought a couple of spare bowls in other colours so she can associate one with say fruit & another with food that really cannot be flung (well I can hope) like tomato based pasta sauce!!  The bowls are also BPA, Latex and PVC free.


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