Petite Star Zia+ Stroller - Star Purchase

I've just bought the  Petite Star Zia+ Stroller for Toddler Chick which was recommended by a friend who has one & loves it, we now have 4 buggies! 

I bought the Mamas & Papas Switch when I as 34 weeks pregnant and intended to use until she was 3, it was fabulous to use from birth but she grew (very fast) and I now need a lighter more compact & even more practrical stroller and one that fits into my poor old boot without a struggle!  Its also so quick and easy to fold, I can find better uses for my energy than grappling with folding down a buggy & getting it into my very small boot!!  (did I mention my small, poor old boot?).

This a great little buggy, so light and has suspension too which makes for a smooth ride, wish I'd have gotten it sooner!

Never fear I am selling the M&P Switch buggy & Mr J has a lovely pink buggy in his (larger) boot & last year's £25 green buggy from Asda perfectly compliments our garden's hues for when TC watches mummy gardening.  All is well and my poor aching back is breathing a sigh of relief.

The Petite Start Zia+ seat unit comes with an adjustable backrest, a five-point safety harness and matching chest pads plus a shopping basket below the seat and a rain cover and at
the time of writing the Petite Star Zia + Stroller is going for £89.99 plus £2 P&P instead of £124.99 at Nursery Value.


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