Anyone for Tea??

I do love my tea, ever since my first taste I have enjoyed a cuppa.  Tea is the first thing I head for in the morning like many of you & its been there in my lightest & darkest moments too.  The first cup of tea after the birth of my babies, bliss.  The passing of a loved one in hospital, the porter brought me some comforting tea & tea was all I wanted for days & days after. 

For me tea has to be made in a teapot, a teabag in a cup just doesn't give me the same flavour.  I listened to an article last week on the radio about how to make tea.  Warm the pot (I warm the cups not the pot), water just off the boil, swoosh the teapot to release the flavour & to separate the leaves, pour!  We all reach for a cup of tea for many reasons but lets not forget all the wonderful health benefits it affords us. 

From Green, Black, White, Fruits & Herbs, Floral teas & Redbush, there are so many to sample.  I have Peach & Cherry teas waiting to be tasted & do enjoy trying out teas for different reasons.   Some of my current favourites are Camomile for calming (good for upset tummies too), Dandelion for its diuretic qualities, Ginger & Tumeric for their warming effects & who can forget the Raspberry Leaf tea I drank on the lead up to birthing my babies. 

Green tea has been touted for its cardiovascular benefits, both Black & Green tea are rich in polyphenols, antioxidants that detoxify cell-damaging free radicals in the body.  Black tea is originally green tea with the leaves further dried which changes its colour and taste.  Black Tea undergoes full oxidation and fermentation when the leaves turn black and then gets its unique flavour. The oxidation process is stopped once the aroma and flavour develops completely.

And now in the news Earl Grey from the bergamot orange, is being hailed as 'nature's statin', containing chemicals called citrus polyphenols that appear to block the production of blood fats, prevent cholestorol absorption in the gut & boost metabolism, which is also good for those looking at weight loss.

I'm loving the latest Twinings adverts, bringing you back to you.... such a great sentiment.... that could definitely be me....

And the eternal question of course still remains about tea ........ milk in first or after??


  1. Definitely milk in last. I'm a bag in a mug girl, but I do have two lovely Teapots that I never use and your post has made me thing I should get them out! I'm a Twinings girl too. I think their English Breakfast is the business.

    1. yes do get them out, its no more trouble than a cup but with a far tastier result. I make tea for one every morning in the featured teapot above - way, way too early! Then make the big pot for me & Mr J once Miss Chick has had her breakfast. Every time I read tea is good for you, I am so pleased as I drink so much!