Thank Heavens

for the Doppler...  yes I know, strange writing this 20 months after my baby's birth but I found said Doppler in the drawer under my bed today, I'd put it there when I no longer needed it, once I could feel the baby kicking and moving every day.  I felt very sad when I found it, poor Doppler, of no use now a healthy, bouncing baby has found her way into the world. 

I bought the Doppler with trepidation, I wanted to hear my baby's heartbeat but what if I couldn't find it!  It's pure joy when you do and a horrible feeling when you can only locate your own heartbeat.  Thankfully, the handful of times I did use it, I found her heartbeat quite quickly and all was well.  Being a later second time mummy I was convinced that this baby wasn't going to make it but as the weeks stretched out and I got to 20 weeks and found that I had a pink flavour on board,

I was then determined she would and 19 (long) weeks later there she was.....

So thank you doppler for being there deep in the night when I had doubts and to the great team that delivered her safely into my arms, my eternal, heartfelt thanks....


Breakfast Favourite

I generally only eat breakfast if I'm hungry, I think one should listen to one's own body where the "rules" about never skipping breakfast are concerned.  Children, of course, are a differerent matter but thats for another post. 

One of my favourite starts to the day is so quick and easy.   Just natural yogurt, seeds & fruit.

I like to keep a seed mix ground up, with some unground seeds in too for the chew, in a jar in the fridge - mine is usually sunflower, pumpkin, sesame & linseed (preferably the golden because it is richer in essential fats apparently, but brown is fine too).   

Chia seeds

Chia is a powerhouse little seed that contains a rich concentration of essential fatty acids with omega-3 and  omega-6. Chia has so many health benefits, its loaded with antioxidants - more than blueberries, vitamins and minerals - including more calcium than milk, fibre, protein and so much more.  I could write a whole blog post just on this amazing little seed, suffice it to say its been a welcome addition to my diet.

I mix the chia seeds into the yogurt,  then sprinkle the seed mix on top of  the yogurt & then finish off with the fruit.  I do a variation sometimes depending what's in the cupboard, with ground almonds (a great source of calcium) and dried fruit.  Holland & Barrett do some very good seed/nut/dried fruit mixes.

Very simple, very filling,very yummy!   Tuck in!


Petite Star Zia+ Stroller - Star Purchase

I've just bought the  Petite Star Zia+ Stroller for Toddler Chick which was recommended by a friend who has one & loves it, we now have 4 buggies! 

I bought the Mamas & Papas Switch when I as 34 weeks pregnant and intended to use until she was 3, it was fabulous to use from birth but she grew (very fast) and I now need a lighter more compact & even more practrical stroller and one that fits into my poor old boot without a struggle!  Its also so quick and easy to fold, I can find better uses for my energy than grappling with folding down a buggy & getting it into my very small boot!!  (did I mention my small, poor old boot?).

This a great little buggy, so light and has suspension too which makes for a smooth ride, wish I'd have gotten it sooner!

Never fear I am selling the M&P Switch buggy & Mr J has a lovely pink buggy in his (larger) boot & last year's £25 green buggy from Asda perfectly compliments our garden's hues for when TC watches mummy gardening.  All is well and my poor aching back is breathing a sigh of relief.

The Petite Start Zia+ seat unit comes with an adjustable backrest, a five-point safety harness and matching chest pads plus a shopping basket below the seat and a rain cover and at
the time of writing the Petite Star Zia + Stroller is going for £89.99 plus £2 P&P instead of £124.99 at Nursery Value.


A Tale of two Mothers Day mugs

Many, many, many years ago, in a not so far off land, a small boy bought his Mother a beautiful mug for Mothers Day.  His Mother cherished that mug long after the boy grew up & still uses it to this day.  The picture on the mug has faded, although still beautiful and has a chip in it but the memories of her beautiful boy will never fade and remain deep in her heart.

Fast forward to the present day & a very small girl has also bought the same Mother an equally beautiful mug for Mothers Day, her Mother cherishes each day with her as she knows all too well that babies grow very quickly into small children, then into young people who then leave the nest, spreading their wings and flying out into the world.....  

I love you both with all my heart xox

A very Happy Mothers Day to you all.


The Sound of the Sea....

Another super beautiful Spring day yesterday, we spent the afternoon doing a quick spot of window shopping then walked to the beach for an exploratory toodle and an icecream.  There are so many other things I should have been doing yesterday afternoon but time like this is precious and I made a promise to myself that I would take the time to "smell the roses" more especially when the sun was out!  I can work when she's asleep and the housework can wait, its not going anywhere!!

Toddler Chick, as she is now affectionately known, is growing up so fast and learning even faster that I want to capture as much of it as I can and store in my memory banks for when I'm sitting in my rocking chair like my lovely grandmother did, dreaming into the distance.

Listening to the seagulls and the sounds of the sea reminds me of when we lived right on the seafront and were lulled into slumber every night by the soothing sounds and also of something I read many years ago.   "The sound of the sea lapping against the shore alters wave patterns in the brain which acts in the same way as meditation to rejuvenate and envigorate the body".   I know I feel better after a walk along the seashore and if there's the chance of a beautiful sunset, there's nothing better.


Review - Vital Baby Unbelievabowl

I thought the Munchkin Bowls we bought were pretty good but being 19 months the uber strong & determined Baby Chick has found a way to get them off, she likes to hold the bowl, although lately she thinks she can drink the contents of the bowl! 

I'm a fan of the Vital Baby Range & a friend recommended the Vital Baby Unbelievabowl, she has twins so the bowl flinging in different directions was getting a bit wearing & these babies (the bowls) are unbelieveably (hence the name!) unremovable!   It has caused a little frustration on Baby Chick's part trying to pull it off but I think she may learn its there to stay - still doesn't stop the food flinging, just the bowl ;)

The bowl comes with a base that has a childproof locking mechanism, it really is very strong, which you attach to the table or highchair tray which should be cleaned well beforehand,

then place the bowl onto the base, turn & you're ready to go.  The manufacturers do say that the bowl may not work on grained wood surfaces.

I've bought a couple of spare bowls in other colours so she can associate one with say fruit & another with food that really cannot be flung (well I can hope) like tomato based pasta sauce!!  The bowls are also BPA, Latex and PVC free.


Anyone for Tea??

I do love my tea, ever since my first taste I have enjoyed a cuppa.  Tea is the first thing I head for in the morning like many of you & its been there in my lightest & darkest moments too.  The first cup of tea after the birth of my babies, bliss.  The passing of a loved one in hospital, the porter brought me some comforting tea & tea was all I wanted for days & days after. 

For me tea has to be made in a teapot, a teabag in a cup just doesn't give me the same flavour.  I listened to an article last week on the radio about how to make tea.  Warm the pot (I warm the cups not the pot), water just off the boil, swoosh the teapot to release the flavour & to separate the leaves, pour!  We all reach for a cup of tea for many reasons but lets not forget all the wonderful health benefits it affords us. 

From Green, Black, White, Fruits & Herbs, Floral teas & Redbush, there are so many to sample.  I have Peach & Cherry teas waiting to be tasted & do enjoy trying out teas for different reasons.   Some of my current favourites are Camomile for calming (good for upset tummies too), Dandelion for its diuretic qualities, Ginger & Tumeric for their warming effects & who can forget the Raspberry Leaf tea I drank on the lead up to birthing my babies. 

Green tea has been touted for its cardiovascular benefits, both Black & Green tea are rich in polyphenols, antioxidants that detoxify cell-damaging free radicals in the body.  Black tea is originally green tea with the leaves further dried which changes its colour and taste.  Black Tea undergoes full oxidation and fermentation when the leaves turn black and then gets its unique flavour. The oxidation process is stopped once the aroma and flavour develops completely.

And now in the news Earl Grey from the bergamot orange, is being hailed as 'nature's statin', containing chemicals called citrus polyphenols that appear to block the production of blood fats, prevent cholestorol absorption in the gut & boost metabolism, which is also good for those looking at weight loss.

I'm loving the latest Twinings adverts, bringing you back to you.... such a great sentiment.... that could definitely be me....

And the eternal question of course still remains about tea ........ milk in first or after??