What keeps you awake at night??

I read recently that you should blog what keeps you awake at night.  Really?  Since I had Baby Chick life has been given a pink, rosy hue but also so very full & the days (and nights!) have flown past.  If I could stay awake long enough after I slide under the duvet, sinking into the memory foam mattress, I'm not sure I would be thinking about blogging and if I did there would be no way I would want to wake myself up and write it down!  I'm asleep in about 2 minutes flat and into the land of dreams....

... maybe I should blog what I dream.  I did keep a dream diary for a while that was grief driven, my dreams then were so vivid then that I remembered them for hours instead of minutes after I got up.  I can still recall some of them now but its only when reading my dream diary again that I remember them all.  Now by the time I reach the kitchen to make a cuppa, my dreams have been absorbed into a place where nothing can reach them except for a brief flicker of a memory of something or someone, sometimes ......

I'm very grateful to the sleep fairies that Baby Chick is a great sleeper, sleep deprevation is no fun! 

What, if anything keeps you awake at night??





  1. Hi - didn't know how else to contact but I've tagged you in a MeMe!

    Mummies unite!

    1. is this what keeps you awake at night?? I will take a look at the meme but I'm not sure I qualify as I have my own business & don't commute anymore.