What does Love mean to you...

As Valentines Day approaches I have a question for you all...

What does love mean to you? 

Some of the "answers" I have found along the way are:

Love is being accepted for who you are....the good, the bad & sometimes ugly...

Love is Freedom, where I am free to be me in every way, shape & form.  I like this....

Butterflies in your tummy.

Letting people play with your favourite toys -  from a 3 year old :)

Do you remember the Love Is cartoons??  We used to collect the relevant ones & I came across a small pile recently when clearing out a drawer, it was good to remind myself of the delicate little sayings.... Love Is... sharing a hammock, we had a huge one slung between two apple trees in our garden & we used to lay there BC (before children) I remember the bliss - of swaying in the fresh air, the warmth of the sun, eyes closed, snuggling in....

Love means everything to me, I am a very kissy, cuddly mummy/person, a day hasn't gone past in the last 20 plus years that I haven't had my daily dose(s).  My memories of my bear hugs from my son & now the feathery light kisses I get from Baby Chick mean the world to me.

So.... what does love mean to you??

Love Is .....  you fill in the blank...........................................



  1. ....giving the other person a lie in and getting up with the kids (even though you feel really tired yourself.)

    ....finding attractiveness in your beloved's crow's feet and grey hairs (and generally things that weren't there when you first met.)

    ....finding little pictures and notes from Daddy in your bed at night when he has to go away for work. ( My son loves this.)

    1. Love no.3 that must be so lovely for your son to find those little notes, like a mini treasure hunt. My OH is very lucky, he gets to lie in every day & gets a cuppa in bed, there I've outed him LOL!! (ok he does work long hours). I don't notice those other things, only on myself :))