Toothbrushes on parade!

We've been tooth cleaning since Baby Chick got her first teeth through.  She got them fairly early & then it seemed they appeared daily (slight exaggeration) until she had 16 of the little beauties.  She has these diddy little molars now that are so cute & yes I know I shouldn't get so excited about these shiney, white, perfect teeth!  Its such a responsibility, teaching her how to brush her teeth, she gets it, its just not that thorough on her part, but at her age, its a good start.

We started with wiping her teeth over with a muslin, then went on to the Finger Brush, which worked well until she decided that biting the finger (mine) that was in the finger brush was more fun!  Lovely soft bristles plus some nodules on the back of it to massage sore baby gums gently.  Miss Baby Chick, like her sibling before her, never really suffered with teething that much & the very few times she did I can recommend Weleda Chamomilla granules or drops, but other than that she would just bite hard on something & get on with it! 

Then there was the Brush Baby which was & still is very successful, whoever invented this is a genius as it covers upper & lower, back & front teeth all at once depending on whether the mouth is open or closed & she likes to chew on it which rubs the flexible tiny bristles over the teeth, its a really gentle way to introduce teeth cleaning.

Then came the Banana Brush, yellow & curved like a banana (surprised?), made from bendy silicone, very easy to grasp, she likes playing with & chewing on it so it cleans in a random way but I also use it to clean her teeth myself.

We also have a silicone baby toothbrush with a guide disc on it which prevents said baby from sticking it too far into her mouth (we had some gagging episodes with the usual longer handled toothbrushes) which she loves so this is the one we are encouraging her to use herself.

Then we have a few of the regular baby toothbrushes (are you still awake?) with soft bristles, she will use (read chew) these but when I use them I have to be extra gentle as I think they aren't as friendly on the gums as they could be.  They are just a miniature version of an adult toothbrush.

And yesterday we bought a new brush that brushes 3 surfaces of the tooth at the same time, I got the adult version for myself, why should she have all the fun ;)  which we will be trialling soon.

So, a little tour of the tooth cleaning paraphenalia, all designed to take the stress out of keeping her teeth healthy.  Now I have to take her to the dentist & make it all look fun, ideas on a postcard please, not looking forward to it at all!


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