Pancakes for Tea!

Shrove Tuesday is upon us again, also known as Pancake day, the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday which is the first day of Lent.  It's called Pancake Day because it's the day traditionally for eating pancakes as they were a way to use up any stocks of milk, butter and eggs which were forbidden during the abstinence of Lent.

We love pancakes of any description, Mr J makes the best ones & annoyingly he just chucks in the ingredients for pancakes of all descriptions into a bowl, no measuring & they come out perfectly every time!!!  His Sunday flapjacks made with buttermilk are a fabulous indulgence, I always eat too many.

So for tea this evening we finished with pancakes & the obligatory flipping & (nearly always) catching again, drizzled with lemon juice & lightly sprinkled with sugar.  Mr J (who can afford the calories darn him) had his drenched in golden syrup.  



  1. Nothing like a good old traditional Shrove Tuesday. What are you doing tomorrow for Ash Wednesday?

  2. Well done, I'm impressed. In fact that picture makes me hungry. Last year I went to a lot of effort making pancakes and no one ate them but me. So this year I didn't bother, I'd quite like someone to make them for me though...

    1. between you and me, I ate 3, so very yummy! I kept one for tomorrow to share with Miss Baby Chick x

    2. They look lovely. We had shop bought ones. It was just the two of us, and I thought we'd have just far too much batter left over!

      PS: Have tagged you in a meme '11 questions' if you fancy it. Details are over on my blog. :0)

    3. batter will keep till morning, just give it a good stir, there's never any left over here :))
      I have no idea what's involved in a meme, I'll take a look, thanks!