A Mother's Work Meme

When Pret-A-Mummy "tagged" me yesterday via mother.wife.me with the Mother's Work meme, I had to do some fast research into what a meme actually was.  So, I think I have a handle on it now - be gentle with me :)  I don't Twitter yet so have no idea what a hashtag is!
Apparently it goes like this:

* Please post the rules
* Answer the questions in as much or as little detail as suits you
* Leave a comment on mother.wife.me so we can keep track of the meme
* Tag 3 people and link to them on your blog
* Let them know you tagged them
* Tweet loudly about taking part (well ok, that isn’t a rule, but how about if we start a
hashtag - #amothersworkmeme)


1. Did you work before becoming a mum?
2. What is your current situation?
3. Freestyle – got your own point you’d like to get across on this issue? Here’s your chance…

Lastly, I'm tagging Older Mum, Tales of Stepford & The Secret Life of an Unknown Housewife

So rules posted, here's my answers to the questions:

1.  Did you work before becoming a mum?
I had my first child in my mid 20's & was in full employment then, I was intending to go back to work but fate has a way of throwing a spanner into the works & I could not return for personal reasons.  I have always worked, babysitting, Saturday work in Ravel's (great gig, lots of lovely shoes!), temp office work in the school holidays (zzzz) & worked in the City until I had my first child.  Fast forward 20+ years & having had another baby, I am still working but in a totally different field, took 6 months maternity leave this time & back on the horse ever since.

2.  What is your current situation?
I have had my own business now for many years, this particular one for 12 years now, I work  the business around the baby, it suits us & brings in a decent living.  No commuting & I'm the boss of me.

3.  Freestyle
I couldn't & wouldn't go back to being an employee.  I had to find a way to work for myself years ago as we needed the second income & I've never looked back.  The friends I have that have returned to work after a year all requested part-time hours or flexi-hours or in one case 3 very long days instead of 5 shorter ones.  None have had their requests granted.  I find it all quite upsetting to hear about their struggles & although they've all gone back to work, only time will tell if they can sustain it, the travelling & childcare costs.


  1. I like this meme as it's such an important subject to most of us. If anyone reads this - I wouldn't mind being tagged on this one :).

    Good for you on starting your own business. Being owned by a boss is not for me either.

    1. I was actually going to tag you on this meme but I didn't want to add to your workload, but I can still if you'd like?

    2. Please join in the meme - don't wait to be tagged!

  2. Thank you so much for taking part in the A Mother's Work Meme. I think one silver lining of such poor legislation in support of mums is that it can send you off to make your own business with your own rules!

    Interesting to see yet again though, other mothers who have employers who turn down their flexi-time requests.

    1. A lot of people see being self-employed as risky but for me its been the best thing but I know its not for everyone.
      I'm going to edit my meme & add you with a link too mother.wife.me & Bargain Mummy has changed her name so will change that too.

    2. What a great response! It's great to think there are entrepreneurial mothers out there who have the confidence not to go back to their old life.

      Like mother.wife.me said, it's shocking about this "right to ask" for flexible terms law. What a completely useless piece of legislation.

    3. maybe one day I can go into how it all started. I agree whats the point when most will get a no!

  3. Hello! Cheers for the tag! Will respond. An interesting meme this one!

  4. P.s. Great that you work for yourself - much more adaptable around children

    1. absolutely, I didn't tell my clients till I'd given birth & aside from the shock they have been great with the necessary changes I have made to my working week.

  5. Hi! Very interesting I agree, look forward to reading yours.

  6. There you are getting your head around memes and in I waltz to announce that I've tagged you in http://mummyratesit.co.uk/blog/tagged-and-proud-of-it/
    I apologise and congratulate you (depending on how you feel about these things). You're under no obligation to do it by the way. This was my first so as I say, no idea yet if they're a blessing or a beast. Should definitely be fun though!
    Michelle x

  7. Sorry I havent gotten around to doing this yet - I will!

    1. Don't worry, I know how little time there is left in the day!! I have one half done too but its a lot longer than this one & its thinking up new questions too!!

    2. well done, I'll go have a read, I'm still in the middle of the Firsts one you tagged me on!