Happy Valentines Day!

Vanilla cupcake with pink butter icing baked by moi, choc hearts by M&S
"There is only one happiness in life - to love and be loved.” - George Sands

or maybe.....

“Love is only a dirty trick played on us to achieve continuation of the species.” – Somerset Maugham

& just because ....

"When you are in love you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”  - Dr Seuss

What say you?? 

I was thinking back to Valentines past today.  The other half & myself would send each other soppy but sweet cards, I would get flowers & a present & we would go out to dinner with all the other lovestruck couples ;)  I do look back on those days & smile ......

These days we don't go out to celebrate it but I still find ways to mark the day.  Its easy to evolve into cynics about the commercialism of the day rather than thinking of the romantic meaning of it all.  I know it may be a cliche but I'm a romantic to the core but I didn't then & don't now need an excuse to tell my other half that I love him or need to celebrate it on just one day.  But I also can't resist the plethora of heart shaped choccies out there!!

Will you be celebrating Valentines Day?? 



  1. thank you for the kind comment :O)

    ah, I love Valentine's Day. More for the fun of it, not for all that sentimental goo that goes with it.

    The Girl and I have just been stamping food into hearts. Tonight the husband will be having meatloaf (won't bother trying to carve it in a heart, it'll fall to pieces!), with heart shaped carrots and heart roast potatoes! Fun stuff here.

    Have a very Happy Valentine's Day xx

    1. Thank you Sadie, I do like a bit of goo now & then! I'm a sucker for anything heart shaped. Looking forward to Miss Chick helping me next year with some fun stuff too xx