Food for our Children

I read something on the internet recently about baby feeding, I love to read about anythng to do with health & nutrition. The article said that a pediatrician had once said it's best to look at a child's diet in terms of what they eat over a course of a week rather than stressing over each meal.  I tend to agree but putting it into practice is a little different in reality.  I think as Mothers we all possibly have an inbuilt part that makes us worry about what is going in, how much stays in & the quality of it all!!

Baby Chick started life as a voracious feeder, but didn't take to weaning as well as I thought she would but over time she has become a decent eater.  I haven't deprived her of chocolate, crisps, fizzy drinks etc, I just haven't offered her them, she has no idea they exist at present :))  In time I know she will go to parties & be offered enough sugar to feed a horse but it will be a treat not the norm. 

I feed her on nutritious, whole foods, making as much as I can myself (& filling the freezer so there is no room for our food!).  I did have some jarred baby foods in the cupboard for times when I may need them or to add to some of my homemade food, but now its just totally home made as some of them made me shudder at the taste & smell!  Who thinks this food is palatable??  I realise this takes up a lot of time but balancing a childs diet is so important & eating habits are formed when they are very young & at this age she is still developing her tastes.  I am hoping Baby Chick won't become a fussy eater, but if I have to sneak healthy food into her diet at some point (thankfully she eats well now) I will.   I feel a batch of courgette muffins coming on LOL!

And as you know I love baking & am looking forward to baking with my girl & us munching on our homebaked, reduced sugar cakes & biscuits.  I shall be experimenting over the next few months, really looking forward to trying out some recipes.

So, are you a mummy worrier when it comes to feeding your baby/child, I know I am, but do try to look at Baby Chick & tell myself she is happy, healthy, a very good weight & rarely is under the weather, so I must be doing something right!  I hope I can convince myself!


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