Review - Munchkin Stay Put Suction Bowls

I've never met a bowl Baby Chick can't yank off her high chair tray in about 2 seconds flat .... until now! 

Believe me we've tried a lot of bowls & anti-pull off mats & finally we have a lovely selection of bowls that really grip.  Hooray!   They come in a pack of 3 very useful sizes, small, medium & large & we will be taking them out with us so we can hopefully (I seem to use this word a lot!) learn to eat in public in a civilised manner lol!  I love colour & they are gorgeously colourful in blue, orange & green with equally colourful, textured lids for each bowl in mauve, lemon & blue.  Another good point is that they are quite deep, so Baby Chick seems to concentrate more on picking the food out of the bowl, well most of the time ;) she can, of course, get the bowls off eventually but I feel the harder they are to get off the more they concentrate on the job in hand so to speak!

They are BPA free & top rack dishwasher safe, but I wash all her stuff by hand anyway, not keen on plastics in the dishwasher, just my personal thang!

These bowls don't, of course, stop the food in the bowl from being flung at great speed across the room at times but hey the bowls are fab, for us they do what they say on the tin! 

We bought ours from Amazon for £7.99 & free postage as usual, bargain, anything that makes my life easier, double bargain!



  1. We found these great too - word of warning...check whether the suction bit goes in the microwave (if it comes off) if you are heating the food...we ruined ours because we didn't read the instructions! A general failing of mine to be honest...

    1. We're only using them for finger foods at the moment so not heating them. Reading instructions is not my strong suite either ;)