National Food Allergy and Intolerance Week - Gluten Free Baking

National Food Allergy and Intolerance Week (23rd-29th January) is organised by Allergy UK every year to help raise awareness of allergies and intolerance in the UK.   To support the cause I'm going try to make some gluten free cakes (have I mentioned that I love cake??).

I am not gluten intolerant, although some commercial cakes do give me a tummy ache which is why I mostly bake my own,  but I do have a couple of friends who have coeliacs disease & I know how hard it is for them to find really good cakes sometimes.

I have a recipe for chocolate muffins & I'm going to try one of my tried & very well tested recipes for chocolate cupcakes but switch out the flour for gluten free flour, I already use gluten free baking powder so I'm hoping it will all turn out ok. 

I have my testers all chomping at the bit to try these out & in our house even the rejects will get eaten!

I'm starting with a little cheat tonight & have made some chocolate chip cookies from a ready mix - I know, shock horror, me, baking from a box!!!  (My only excuse is not enough time this evening, hence baking at 11pm, honest guv!).  These cookies aren't just gluten free, they are wheat & dairy free too.   As usual though, I had to add something of my own & that was linseeds, when I make my own I like nuts, seeds & dried fruit in them so every bite is packed with goodness.  

I used the Hale & Hearty brand, just add an egg & 50g butter (if you want to make them vegan you can replace the egg & butter with soya yogurt & dairy free margarine) to the cookie mix & combine, roll into small balls, press flat, then bake.

The cookies are lovely crunchy on the outside & chewy in the centre.  They took only 5 mins to prepare & 15 mins to bake. 

There were 4 more, but I ate them!

Are you gluten intolerant??  If you have any recipes you could share do let me know.


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