Living in the Moment

I have glorious high sea views from my front windows & every morning especially, I can't help but gaze out & just take in all its fabulousness (yes, that is a word in my dictionary!).  Even on cloudy, grey days I can still find something out there to go wow! about.

Yesterday I was mesmerised again by the view, it was cloudy, but there was a horizontal chink through the clouds & the sunlight beamed through in long sheets into the sea, a truly heavenly sight.  I looked away to see what Baby Chick was up to then turned back in what seemed like just a moment & already the view had changed, had already moved on. 

This really made me think about living in the moment (& more importantly, enjoying the moment) & not worrying about the next moment & the moment after that, which is what I tend to do.  I am a list maker & scheduler of time which is how I get through each day/week.  I sometimes admire people who can glide through life, I'm just not one of them, how on earth do they get everything done :))

But its a nice thought & one to keep thinking about on my part.  How are you about living in the moment??  Try it, it's harder than you think ;)



  1. Faboulesness is most definately a word! lol

    Living in the moment rocks, it makes such a difference to your wellbeing I find.

    Visiting form BritMums. Mich x

  2. Saying hello from the Britmums site! Not had chance to read your blog thoroughly but I recommend splitting the text up with some photos, just adds a bit of "you" and makes it more visually appealing.x

  3. Thanks Bargainmummy, I am a prolific photo taker & have some lined up for future blog posts. Thanks for your input x

  4. It's something I try to do, now and again I manage it but it's easy to get caught up with life. Especially if you're distracted by work or small children. I'm very envious of your sea view!

    1. I agree totally Emily, the distractions are many! There is something very peaceful about the view....