Gluten Free Baking - Chocolate Cupcakes

I love baking this recipe from the Hummingbird Bakery for chocolate cupcakes, they are light & fluffy & so chocolatey.  I am a sort of recipe follower but have been adapting this recipe over time & now I have my own version with less sugar (I always adapt my recipes & the first adaption is always reducing the sugar content & guess what it makes no difference to the taste or texture usually). 

Today I have made the same recipe just swapping out the flour for gluten free flour, plain in this case from Marks & Spencer (I can't find it in their webstore to link to) & I used gluten-free baking powder too.

The cake batter looked exactly the same as usual, same consistency, etc

& baked just the same - I think I was thinking that the batter & cake consistency would possibly be drier but not so, the cupcakes came out just lovely!!  And they taste really chocolately & light, not as light as usual but the non-gluten free recipe is very light anyway.  The family gave them the thumbs up especially once they were topped with a lovely big squidge of extra chocolate icing!  Infact, my husband said if he didn't know they were gluten-free he would not have known.  So thumbs up all round!



  1. May I say, these look splendid! The icing looks very professional indeed. I am thinking multi-talented mummy rather than multi layer!

    1. Aw shucks, thank you, I just really enjoy baking!