I am thankful for.....

being able to see Christmas again thru the eyes of a 17 month old baby, she looked at everything anew & with wonderment, it was purely a joy to behold.    Every twinkling light, every Christmas tree adorned with lights we came across she stared with open-mouthed loveliness - how lucky to be able to capture this again with older eyes but with a fresh new outlook.....   How fortunate are we all to still be here.....


Thats all for now Folks!

I know I haven't written a ton of posts so far but this being my first blog I needed to find my way a bit. I love writing (& talking!) so I'll be back in the New Year after a lovely relaxing break - well I can dream of a lie-in anyway. 

Its Baby Chick's 2nd Christmas & at 17 months old she won't understand what its all about yet, next year I'll teach her all about it.  But we're still going off to see Santa tomorrow, there will be reindeers too which I'm probably more excited about than she will be! 

So see you on the other side....of the year that is....

Have a very Happy Christmas & a Fabulous New Year!