The Alkaline Lifestyle Course

I'm on the Soft Start Transition, slowly getting myself into eating a more alkaline diet.  This part is not so far away from my usual diet except I've gotten used to not eating breakfast which I know is not good but I seem to get my first meal of the day when Baby Chick is having her nap at 11.30am & by then I'm so hungry I just reach for tea & cake!  

So now breakfast (or brunch is probably a better name for it) is muesli with extra nuts, dried fruit with plain yogurt & a banana on top.  Its not what I'd choose but I'm going with it for now, but keeping the portion small. 

Snacks are fruit/nuts & avocado on toast, again what I would usually have in my diet but without the toast.
Lunches are salads & wraps for 3 of the days & 4 days of your usual lunch, which for me is either a green powder drink very hastily slung together & chugged back before I go out with Baby Chick or cheese (acidic) or egg (acidic) of some description.   Usual Dinners all week.

There's a big emphasis on drinking 3 litres of water (lemon squeezed into it), I usually drink between 1.5 & 2 litres, 3 I would never leave the toilet!  I must admit I'm adapting some of it to suit my own lifestyle with a young baby, work, etc but so far its very doable.


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