I'm going Green!

I am going to trial a new way of eating, I am going on the Alkaline Diet, not specifically to lose weight, although that would be a bonus as I have about 7lbs I would like to ditch since having the beautiful Baby Chick.
The Alkaline Diet is from Energise For Life, for me its about becoming more healthy, eating well (as its easy to slide when the colder weather starts) & getting more energy!  There are so many potential health benefits to be gained though.  The course blurb says 12 weeks to your dream health, energy & body! 
I'm currently reading all the literature they have emailed which includes the Alkaline Diet Book, the Alkaline Lifestyle Guidebook, the Energise Success Journal & the Energise Alkaline Recipe Book, weekly shopping lists & menus plus exercise charts & pH testing if you want to optimise the experience.  The idea is to familiarise yourself with everything & then chose a date to "start", then you get a fully guided day by day transition for 12 weeks on to the Alkaline Diet.  One of the many reasons I choose this course is the transitional part, easing your way into a new way of eating rather than a rigid routine.  I have read about alkalising in the past but this course helps you put it all together with support.   I shall be starting on Sunday, really looking forward to it & feeling healthier!


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