First Shoes!

Baby Chick is finding her feet more now & now the weather is changing I thought we should get her some shoes.  During the warmer months she wore a pair of gorgeous pink sandals with fabric soles, I shall keep them forever they are so cute, but now she needs some functional shoes.

We went to Brantano to get her feet measured, very good service & Baby Chick now has the same foot size as mummy a size 4.5 except I am a 37.5 & she is a 20.5!  There are some great shoes for baby/toddlers out there, but I wanted what they call cruiser shoes, which have lovely pliable soles, she has plenty of time ahead of her to wear shoes that aren't comfy, I am a heel lover & I look forward to introducing her to the wonderful world of shoes!!

Baby Chick is now sporting a pair of Lyla Girl shoes in soft baby pink leather from Clarks . 

The soles are equally as cute as the shoe itself, a picture of a mouse in a tea cup & flowers at the heel & toe, so we will have fun leaving an imprint somewhere!  I was pleasantly surprised that there was enough growth room as shoes can be an expensive purchase, so we should get quite a bit of use out of them.  So another milestone ticked off  *sigh*, a while yet before she dips into my shoe closet - I still have shoes from the 80's stashed away, I hope she likes retro when she's older!


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