Are you a Minimalist Mummy??

Yesterday I was driving home & saw a mummy walking with her baby in a front carrier & on her back she had a small rucksack.  How I wish I could do the same (or could have when baby chick was a teeny baby) but I leave the house daily with everything I could ever possibly need :)) extra milk, extra nappy, extra extra!!  My nappy bag is like Mary Poppins' carpetbag!!  And guess what, we rarely need any of it except the milk & the biscuits!

So today we tried the minimalist mummy look, took my very small handbag, stuffed it with mobile phone, purse, sunglasses, milk, biscuits & then it was full.   It felt good to be liberated from the nappy bag that I have loved for so long but also a sign that baby chick may not need all that stuff now so a bit of a hmmm moment, time to move forward maybe??  Are you a minimalist mummy or like me can't leave the house over prepared - love to hear your comments!

Note to self:  get a bigger handbag!


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