Apple Day

Today is Apple Day - an annual celebration - held on October 21 each year of apples & orchards.  To celebrate local varieties & to conserve orchards.  I love this as I have 4 apple trees that bring us mountains of apples each year.  Even when we have the tree surgeon to prune them every few years we still get loads! 

The blossom on the trees each year is so pretty & heralds the arrival of Spring here, beautiful delicate baby pink clouds of flowers that will become lovely organic eating & cooking apples.  I have no idea what variety we have, I should really find out!

Next year him indoors has said we must make cider from the apples, I'm not really a cider fan but do love apple juice so maybe I'll nab some before it ferments ;)

I have the last of my apples in the kitchen which I'm going to make a buttermilk apple cake with, lovely moist cake that will go well with my afternoon tea, yum!


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