Afternoons out...

Baby Chick & I go out every afternoon, rain or shine we're out there.   I let myself out of hospital 36 hours after she was born - I thought it was great that our hospital let you stay until you were ready to go home even if it wasn't your first baby but I really wanted to be home with my boys & my own bed!

We stayed in a week getting to know each other, feeding & sleeping, getting into a routine but then as it was summer we started going out every afternoon & that became her norm, so now we're out every day!  The look on her little face when she's strapped into her car seat is absolutely priceless, wonderment, anticipation, sweet innocence, I have put a snapshot in my memory box in my head....

Today Daddy was going to take her out so I could work & catch up on a few things (its amazing how much I can do in 2 hours, I'm like a runner on the starting blocks then off I go with my list, I do love lists, but thats a whole other post!).   Unfortunately he got delayed & Baby Chick doesn't have the patience gadget installed yet so off we went.

It was another beautiful day here, the sun was out & the air was quite warm considering it is nearly the end of October (but then after that mini heatwave we had recently, anything is possible) so our first stop was to the swings, then a buggy jog which Baby Chick always finds highly amusing, probably from watching mummy puffing up the hill.  I was serious athlete in my youth & still get a buzz from running but these days its mostly about keeping fit & healthy, especially now I have a little person to run after :)) 

Every day I think that "today will be the last warm(ish) day of this year" & treat it as such but always hoping for an Indian Summer well into November (very wishful thinking of course).   I know in years to come I will look back on our afternoons out & also of those I spent with my firstborn many years ago with great happiness & love, those memories & the new ones I'm making with Baby Chick will keep me warm in my old(er) age ;)


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