First Shoes!

Baby Chick is finding her feet more now & now the weather is changing I thought we should get her some shoes.  During the warmer months she wore a pair of gorgeous pink sandals with fabric soles, I shall keep them forever they are so cute, but now she needs some functional shoes.

We went to Brantano to get her feet measured, very good service & Baby Chick now has the same foot size as mummy a size 4.5 except I am a 37.5 & she is a 20.5!  There are some great shoes for baby/toddlers out there, but I wanted what they call cruiser shoes, which have lovely pliable soles, she has plenty of time ahead of her to wear shoes that aren't comfy, I am a heel lover & I look forward to introducing her to the wonderful world of shoes!!

Baby Chick is now sporting a pair of Lyla Girl shoes in soft baby pink leather from Clarks . 

The soles are equally as cute as the shoe itself, a picture of a mouse in a tea cup & flowers at the heel & toe, so we will have fun leaving an imprint somewhere!  I was pleasantly surprised that there was enough growth room as shoes can be an expensive purchase, so we should get quite a bit of use out of them.  So another milestone ticked off  *sigh*, a while yet before she dips into my shoe closet - I still have shoes from the 80's stashed away, I hope she likes retro when she's older!


Afternoons out...

Baby Chick & I go out every afternoon, rain or shine we're out there.   I let myself out of hospital 36 hours after she was born - I thought it was great that our hospital let you stay until you were ready to go home even if it wasn't your first baby but I really wanted to be home with my boys & my own bed!

We stayed in a week getting to know each other, feeding & sleeping, getting into a routine but then as it was summer we started going out every afternoon & that became her norm, so now we're out every day!  The look on her little face when she's strapped into her car seat is absolutely priceless, wonderment, anticipation, sweet innocence, I have put a snapshot in my memory box in my head....

Today Daddy was going to take her out so I could work & catch up on a few things (its amazing how much I can do in 2 hours, I'm like a runner on the starting blocks then off I go with my list, I do love lists, but thats a whole other post!).   Unfortunately he got delayed & Baby Chick doesn't have the patience gadget installed yet so off we went.

It was another beautiful day here, the sun was out & the air was quite warm considering it is nearly the end of October (but then after that mini heatwave we had recently, anything is possible) so our first stop was to the swings, then a buggy jog which Baby Chick always finds highly amusing, probably from watching mummy puffing up the hill.  I was serious athlete in my youth & still get a buzz from running but these days its mostly about keeping fit & healthy, especially now I have a little person to run after :)) 

Every day I think that "today will be the last warm(ish) day of this year" & treat it as such but always hoping for an Indian Summer well into November (very wishful thinking of course).   I know in years to come I will look back on our afternoons out & also of those I spent with my firstborn many years ago with great happiness & love, those memories & the new ones I'm making with Baby Chick will keep me warm in my old(er) age ;)


Neals Yard

Had a Beauty Alert today from Naturisimo, they have Neals Yard at a fabulous 20% off for the whole of this week (until 31st October), free UK delivery too!   I do love Neals Yard Rose Facial Oil, I'm a great fan of using facial oils underneath my moisturiser, I even use it before my eye cream & their Frankincense Nourishing Cream, just fantastic!


Apple Day

Today is Apple Day - an annual celebration - held on October 21 each year of apples & orchards.  To celebrate local varieties & to conserve orchards.  I love this as I have 4 apple trees that bring us mountains of apples each year.  Even when we have the tree surgeon to prune them every few years we still get loads! 

The blossom on the trees each year is so pretty & heralds the arrival of Spring here, beautiful delicate baby pink clouds of flowers that will become lovely organic eating & cooking apples.  I have no idea what variety we have, I should really find out!

Next year him indoors has said we must make cider from the apples, I'm not really a cider fan but do love apple juice so maybe I'll nab some before it ferments ;)

I have the last of my apples in the kitchen which I'm going to make a buttermilk apple cake with, lovely moist cake that will go well with my afternoon tea, yum!


National Baking Week

I love love love baking & don't need any encouragement to bake but its National Baking Week this week - 17th-23rd October so what will you be baking???  I have to bake with apples as we still have apples on our  apple trees in the garden, I think I'll start with my good old staple apple cake which never lasts the day in this house & some apple muffins for baby chick & mummy of course!

I have enough apple puree in the freezer to start a bakery so I feel a french apple tart coming on maybe later in the week

Check out the National Baking Week website for loads of ideas & recipes & let me know what's in your oven this week!


Are you a Minimalist Mummy??

Yesterday I was driving home & saw a mummy walking with her baby in a front carrier & on her back she had a small rucksack.  How I wish I could do the same (or could have when baby chick was a teeny baby) but I leave the house daily with everything I could ever possibly need :)) extra milk, extra nappy, extra extra!!  My nappy bag is like Mary Poppins' carpetbag!!  And guess what, we rarely need any of it except the milk & the biscuits!

So today we tried the minimalist mummy look, took my very small handbag, stuffed it with mobile phone, purse, sunglasses, milk, biscuits & then it was full.   It felt good to be liberated from the nappy bag that I have loved for so long but also a sign that baby chick may not need all that stuff now so a bit of a hmmm moment, time to move forward maybe??  Are you a minimalist mummy or like me can't leave the house over prepared - love to hear your comments!

Note to self:  get a bigger handbag!



I've been meaning to start a blog for a very long time, finally got myself started!!  I hope you'll enjoy reading my ramblings & words of wisdom (LOL!) along the way.  I'm still finding my round all the buttons & content but I can't wait to get started.

I have a little one who I shall call Baby Chick, 14 months & full of fun & energy!  This is my second time at motherhood having done it all a couple of decades ago too so although I definitely have the t-shirt so much has changed whilst a lot has remained the same.  I shall be posting my thoughts on products & services I love, I do believe in recommendation so if you have any too let me know! 

Speak soon.